Many services consider young people who are ‘gang affiliated’ as ‘a hard to reach group’. However, we believe it is the services themselves that are ‘hard to reach’. We want to support services to ‘reach out’ to excluded young people in ways that fit for the individuals and communities they serve. We believe that support and ideas need to come from all levels of the system, from the individual, families, communities, and services, as well as government and policy makers.

We want to spread our ideas and experience of what helps services and systems to be more ‘reachable’. In doing this, we have realised the importance of including the people we support in the development of the service we offer, and therefore we employ young people/adults with lived experience to co-produce our service and projects within MAC-UK.

“MAC-UK values lived experience and we encourage those with lived experience to apply for roles at MAC-UK. We believe sharing lived experience helps to drive services to make appropriate changes that affect others in a similar position. I’d like to say to young people who have lived experience of any sort, whether it be poor mental health, criminal involvement etc, be brave with sharing those experiences - YOU KNOW what would’ve helped you and others experiencing the same issues.”

Jamel, Youth Consultant

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