For us, spreading ideas is a two way learning process where we offer some of what we think works, and learn ideas from others. 

When MAC-UK started in 2009, we worked in partnership with young people to co-design and co-deliver projects that supported changes they wanted for themselves, their friends and their communities (Zlotowitz et al 2015). By working closely with young people in their communities and at their pace (it took us years), we generated projects that young people wanted to come to and felt a sense of ownership of (see Centre for Mental Health briefing).

It worked so well that we did it three more times in different parts of London and achieved the same success other communities. The Centre for Mental Health paper “Meeting us where we’re at” goes into this in more depth.

Co-producing projects

Alongside delivering co-produced projects, we also began spreading our ideas to others in the form of training and consultation

Over time however, we realised that broader systems change needed to come from within systems. We now have several projects with social care providers that want to innovate and shift the way services for excluded young people are produced. This new ‘Dissemination Team’ is currently collaborating with Barnet, Havering, Ealing and Hounslow boroughs as well as a range of other key partners such as St Christopher's Fellowship (more details about projects we're currently supporting can be found here)

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