Our Vision

We want to create social equality by radically transforming excluded young people’s access to mental health services. Excluded young people are not the problem - in fact they hold the solutions to the problems they face.

When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

Alexander den Heijer

Our Mission

To help services take what we know works in the clinic, out to meet young people where they are at.

Our Values

Lived experience - We recognise that young people are experts in their own lives and their lived experience holds value that public services need in order to achieve their mission.

Co-production - We cannot do this alone. Designing and delivering services together with other agencies to provide support with, rather than to or for, young people and their communities is a better way to achieve social impact.

Relationships - We know that putting relationships back into the science of health care and social care is central to the solution. Trust is the foundation for transformed public services.

Equality - We will work address the systems that perpetuate the health, social and economic inequalities experienced by excluded groups.

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