By sharing the INTEGRATE model, we are spreading our unique approach to delivering young people’s mental health services. We teach and train it to other service providers and professionals from different backgrounds. As a result we can empower both the young person and the other person that they share the key relationship with.

The INTEGRATE approach is about building equal relationships based on trust, which benefit everyone. This can unlock a person’s potential and be transformational for them, as well as their communities.  

INTEGRATE is based on the values of co-production (empowering young people to lead), proactive outreach (delivering services which match young people’s physical and emotional contexts) and creating psychologically-informed environments.

Our expert clinical teams, made up of practitioners and young people with lived experience, get alongside existing services and deliver interactive, long-term training, rooted in live practice. We hang out, train, buddy, reflect, coach, encourage, listen, report, supervise, test and learn, in order that the service can engage and respond to young people's psychological and environmental needs.

To find out more about the services we have supported in this way, take a look at our work, or contact us to think together about your service needs.