Project 10/10 was set up to prioritise support for marginalised young people in the Camden and Islington border area, many of whom become at risk of either offending or engaging in anti-social behaviour because of their exclusion.

The project has an innovative community-based way of addressing the complex social, emotional and occupational needs of these marginalised young people. It targets young people in their own contexts, with their peer groups. Using an authentic youth-led approach, Project 10/10 delivers support through its peer-referral outreach model. Young people are empowered to break away from anti-social behaviour through co-produced activities, with an emphasis on long term trusted relationships, and the project also helps by tackling their under-identified mental health needs and by working with the often complex family, peer, organisational and social contexts in which they live.

The project collaborates with other agencies working with these young people to achieve the following aims:

  • Reducing serious youth violence and reoffending
  • Enabling young people to engage in training and/or education
  • Bridging young people into existing services (health, social care and diversionary)
  • Promoting and responding to emotional wellbeing and mental health needs
  • Facilitating the increased exit of young people from gang related activity
  • Enhancing resettlement work undertaken with young people within the justice system to increase positive outcomes within the community on release
  • Enhancing the work of wider services that can support young people involved in or at risk of serious youth violence and offending
  • Improving public opinion of local community safety
  • Addressing root causes of mental ill-health by addressing local and national social policy.