The pioneers of immersive cultural events, Secret Cinema, forms an alliance with MAC-UK, a leading grassroots charity who co-produce community projects alongside young people to support inclusive, youth-led justice, mental health, housing, education and social care services.

The collaboration will activate around Secret Cinema’s summer 2018 production of William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann, brought to life with 5,000 audience participating each night over a possible run of 21 events.

MAC-UK was a natural choice to partner with on William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet since the film confronts some profoundly important social issues, such as youth violence, that remain as relevant in London today as they did in Shakespeare’s Fair Verona. MAC-UK work at grassroots level with communities to tackle the same issues rife in the film. MAC-UK believes young people are not the problem, they are part of the solution and that inequalities, alienation and exclusion are the root causes of youth violence.

Up to 90,000 audience members will be asked to donate, fundraise or volunteer in a campaign designed to help MAC-UK further tackle some of the root causes of youth exclusion in London. The joint project will harness young people's creative ideas and solutions to promote their sense of safety, potential and wellbeing to prevent youth violence in London.

MAC-UK is active in Ealing and Hounslow where William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet will be produced in August. All funds raised will be channelled into a youth-led project that will support young people to build solutions to serious youth violence and the issues facing their peers through creative activities, while at the same time addressing their mental health and wellbeing.

Visit here to donate to Secret Cinema's campaign for MAC-UK.