Thank you for considering fundraising for MAC-UK. 

Your efforts help us to continue our vital work, to radically transform excluded young people's access to mental health services.

Whether a run, celebration, university RAG, or workplace charity of the year, there are lots of ways to get creative and have fun in support of MAC-UK.

Set up a fundraising page and ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate to your activity or event.

Fundraise with us

All funds donated on your page come straight to MAC-UK. It also allows you and all who donated to keep track of how much is raised.

Fundraising resources

MAC-UK is more than happy to support your fundraising efforts through:

  • sending t-shirts or collection envelopes
  • sharing your activity on social media
  • sharing our logo to add to your materials

Please do let us know if you are thinking of fundraising for MAC-UK - we'd love to hear from you!