Sinem Cakir, CEO of MAC-UK giving MAC-UK's presentation at the BT Tower

Last night was the culmination of MAC-UK’s six month journey on the Rainmaker Foundation’s charity Accelerator programme, with a pitch, panel discussion and networking event at the BT Tower.

The event was MAC-UK’s chance to showcase its investment in tech, digital transformation and sustainability, as part of its mission to develop mental health services fit for the 21st century.

The Accelerator programme aims to bring the type of entrepreneurial thinking commonly seen among start-ups in the technology sector to small charities, helping them innovate and improve what they can do with their existing and growing resources.

MAC-UK’s participation in the programme began in August 2017 and consisted of a combination of 19 workshops, masterclasses, mentoring, digital tech training, hackathons and networking sessions.

Highlights included workshops on business model innovation and theories of change and masterclasses on topics such as social media, fundraising and storytelling.

Panel discussion at the BT Tower event on 30 January

Sinem Cakir, MAC-UK’s CEO, who participated in the programme, said,

“The Accelerator programme was extremely useful for MAC-UK, enabling us to ask the bold questions and help to set the direction for our long-term sustainability.”

“This unique and forward thinking accelerator specifically designed for the non-profit and beyond profit community challenges us to work across the sector divide and unlock and share assets in a way that truly inspires possibility in the face of rapidly changing times.

“One of the most beneficial aspects was the opportunity to network with industry experts and with peers who were going through similar stages of growth as we are. We learned a lot from each other and have refined our focus on tech and digital solutions that will help us for the years to come.”

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