Will increasing Stop and Search practice REALLY reduce youth violence?....

Jamel Fraser looks in to the reality of stop and search and what could be done to reduce the negative impact on young black men. Read more

Making Men of Our Boys

As MAC-UK approaches ten years of unlocking the voices of young people and communities Andre, a Youth Worker and Assistant Psychologist, reflects on what more needs to be done to support excluded young people. Despite warm words and initiatives to tackle youth violence, the voices of excluded young people are not being heard and as a society we’re too ready to find someone to blame. Andre sets out how as a society we have to acknowledge our own role in creating the problem and describes how, Read more

It's time.

Sinem Cakir, MAC-UK CEO, talks about the importance of self care when it comes to our wellbeing as working professionals, and explains why MAC-UK has decided to opt for a shorter working week. Read more

Diversity in policy making is good. Let's have more.

Jamel recently spoke at the Youth Violence Commission. Here he talks about what was said and his suggestions for taking things forward. Read more

Asking for help - is there a right way to do it?

Asking for help is one of the founding principles at MAC-UK. Our CEO, Sinem Cakir, asks, is there a right way to do it? Read more

From “Doing To” to “Doing With”

Kiaron is a youth engagement practitioner with MAC-UK currently working with the Leaving Care team at Havering Council. Read more

Meeting Royalty

Jamel is employed as a Youth Consultant at MAC-UK. Here he tells us about how he came to work for us, what life as a Youth Consultant at MAC is like and about meeting royalty. Read more

The building blocks of the relationship

Read our blog on how the relationships we build with young people are the foundation of all our work. Read more

Team working at Music & Change - Why more minds are better than one

A blog about our team culture and how we work here at MAC-UK. Read more

Working together to increase social capital

Reflections on power, social capital and agency for the young people we have worked with and how MAC-UK incorporates this into our approach. Read more

Ending well

Reflections from the ending of our first ever project, Music and Change. It's always been important for MAC-UK to mark an ending well. Read more