We are now independently evaluated by the Centre for Mental Health, whose evaluation is ongoing.

Some initial findings, from Mental Health Foundation research concluded in 2012:

Our founding Music & Change project has successfully engaged a group of young people who have not previously sought help. They were offending or at risk of offending, not in formal education, employment or training and experiencing multiple forms of social exclusion and deprivation. This is a significant achievement.

Integrate uses a peer referral model meaning that young people join the project at different times. This presents a challenge for research because at any given end point, young people have received varying quantities of intervention. MAC-UK therefore does research for all of its projects on a rolling basis, taking snapshots in time based on a two year journey for each young person.

Research specifics: We started out with a core group of 28 young men and 2 young women all of whom are well known to the police and local authority
All of them presented with complex needs including psychosis, trauma and depression often alongside extremely chaotic lifestyles, substance misuse and poor literacy and numeracy.

All of the young people also came with big ideas, creativity, passion, opinions, hopes, dreams and talents. Some of the lyric-writing that staff are lucky enough to hear in tracks is simply beautiful poetry. There are moments when staff feel so incredibly privileged to be able to witness this.

What we achieved together
90% of the young people reached the highest level of engagement the charity records – ‘actively seeking out Music & Change staff for support for a range of needs’.
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