Taking mental health to the streets

1 in 3 young people who offend have an unmet mental health need at the time of offence.

Serious youth violence is a public health issue as much as a justice one.

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About MAC-UK

Founded in 2008, MAC-UK successfully engages with some of the UK’s most excluded and deprived young people who are most in need of support but least likely to access it.

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About us

What We Do

MAC-UK is revolutionising the way mental health services are delivered to young people who offend. We take what works in the clinic out onto the streets, to work with young people where and when they need it.

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We’ve developed an innovative, community based mental health model called Integrate to transform the lives of deprived young people involved in gangs and/or anti-social behaviour.

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MAC-UK Latest


MAC-UK’s Integrate Development Project are writing a blog

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John Sutherland

“MAC-UK are an exceptional charity, working in some of North London’s most challenging neighbourhoods – with some of the area’s most challenging young people. They have swiftly proven their ability to deliver time and again. We would estimate that the reoffending rates amongst their core group of young people – those who have been known to the police for some time – have fallen by approximately 70%. That’s a remarkable achievement – and is just one of the reasons why I hold them in such high regard. They are making a lasting difference out on the streets.”

Prof. John Pitts

“I have recently come to know of this project and the people who work in it. It is unique and increasingly influential in the UK – representing the cutting edge of outreach initiatives with gang-involved young people with the added component of a mental health orientation. I think the model they have developed has a great deal to teach us and universal application.”

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